The Great Texas Gift

The Great Texas Gift


The gift you’re giving is an induction into The Native Texan Hall of Fame with “Honors” or with “High Honors.”  Additionally, there are other significant benefits provided to your Inductee immediately and far into the future.   

Honor Your Inductee Now – Your inductee into The Native Texan Hall of Fame will receive a very public, very personal gift.  Within The Hall, you’re permitted to tell them everything they mean to you and have meant to you over the years.  In The Hall you’re permitted to extol, edify and encourage those that have meant the most to you in a very public way.  The narrative you provide about your Inductee will mean more to them than any store bought bauble.  Rather, it is an individual tribute to your Inductee presented for the world to see.  They will be incredibly touched by what you’ve done and the depth of your feelings for them. 

It is the perfect gift.   


Honor Their Legacy – When you apply for admission into The Hall, your qualified inductee is permitted to designate an eligible entity into our automated fundraising system.  Once designated and accepted, their church, school, club or other qualified organization becomes a “Friend of Texas.”  A Friend of Texas is an entity currently benefiting from our ongoing fundraising efforts.  The application fee paid to nominate your Inductee will directly benefit an existing “Friend of Texas.”  Subsequent purchases may directly benefit your Inductees designated recipient. 

Great Texas Gifts is one of more than a dozen sites designed to specifically benefit Friends of Texas.  It is a virtuous circle that grows stronger over time.  Your Inductees organization also benefits from this growth.

Make the choice that makes a difference to your Honoree.  Click Here!


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